Thursday 3 September 2015

Two Old Bottles Of Louis Roederer & A New One

These were tasted a couple of days ago.

NV Louis Roederer
According to the seller this is from the 50´s. I wrote to Louis Roederer a couple of weeks ago and asked about these two bottles, but sorry to say, I haven´t got an answer.
An old, oxidized nose with notes of mushroom cream, Amontillado, old wrinkled apples and old caramel. This is overly mature but there are also some charm if you, like me, like mature wines.
The taste is a bit fresher with notes of mature red apples, mushrooms, dried flowers and earth. The finish is medium long and dry. No mousse what so ever.
76p   (tasted 2015/08)

NV Louis Roederer
The information from the seller in this case, indicates that this is from the 60´s. It has a much fresher nose with notes of ripe apples, dark fudge, mushrooms and flowers. Very good. A fine perfumed note after a while.
The taste is mature but takes a firm grip round your taste buds with notes of lemon cream, yellow apples, caramel and flowers. The mousse is a bit on the light side but definitely there. Very good. Long. A very fine maturity.
88p   (tasted 2015/08)

NV Louis Roederer
Tasted beside the previous bottles this feels very young and - today at least - simple. The nose is light and fresh with notes of lemon peel, white currants and gravel. Finely tuned but on the light side of things.
The taste is young and steely with notes of lemon, lime and crushed rocks. A fine, high acidity. Will need time. Good.
85p   (tasted 2015/08)

When we had tasted the bottles we played master blender. The best combination was - for me - 2/3 of the 50´s bottle and 1/3 of the new one. Another fine blend was 4/5 of the 60´s bottle and 1/5 of the new one.
It boggles the mind when you remember that Krug Grande Cuvée is a blend of 142 wines!

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