Sunday 13 September 2015

Two Bottles Of 1959 Pommard

These youngsters were opened the other week at one of our monthly tasting group sessions. A five star vintage according to Broadbent, and these bottles proved their part. Popped and poured.

1959 Pommard, P. Naudin-Varrault
With a bit of air it displays a mature, round, earthy nose with notes of dried raspberries, tobacco, herbs and liquorice. A fine dried up sweetness to the fruit. A hint of raspberry vinegar. Mature but not overly so. Very good.
The taste is cool, dry and mature with notes of red beets, forest floor, dried raspberries and pipe tobacco. A good length with a nice acidity. Drinking well, and went down well with the food, in the shape of a chicken terrine.
89p   (tasted 2015/08)

1959 Pommard Clos Blanc, Roger Clerget
From the get go to the finishing of the bottle a couple of hours later, this was a stunner. The nose is deep, dark and mature with notes of ripe raspberries, forest floor, raspberry liquorice, root vegetables and leather. Very, very fine. On its plateau of maturity.
The taste is big and concentrated with a fine maturity and notes of dried strawberries, moist earth, rosehip, parsnip and tobacco. A very long and intense finish. This is really fine. Well stored bottles will surely keep on this level for another 5+ years.
94p   (tasted 2015/08)


  1. Very interesting with really peaking Pomerols and sounds like a treat.

    1. They were indeed good! But I have also over the years poured a lot of wine down the drain that hadn´t made it to a great maturity.