Thursday 21 July 2016

Vacation Wines - Number Eight - 2014 Vouvray Les Fondraux, Champalou

To go with some succulent lime and ginger cured Salmon (gravlax) I thought that this semi dry Vouvray would work fine - and of course it did.

2014 Vouvray Les Fondraux, Champalou
The nose is deep and intriguing with notes of honey pastills, warm hay, pickled ginger and crushed flint. A high, intense nose. A very fine sweetness to the fruit. Just lovely.
The taste is at first almost semi sweet but then the acidity comes roaring through the mid palate and when it ends it is almost completely dry. Fine notes of dried apricots, lavender honey, matchbox and grass coats the palate. This is a very fine wine indeed.
92p   (tasted 2016/07)


  1. I am just waiting to see if you will ever open a bottle of Barolo during this vacation ....

    2 weeks ago I had 1999 Cascina Francia....versus 2000 Bussia Riserva F. Conterno..
    Guess who was the winner....?

    1. No Barolo yet - it is pushing 30 degrees Celsius here...:-)

      Well, the obvious winner should have been the Cascia Francia, but...?

  2. It is +35 C. here today....
    The wines where served blind....and of course I was for Cascina Francia too...!
    When we removed the aluminum foil ...of best wine ....what a surprise....!!!
    The winner was 2000 Bussia Riserva....stunning Barolo
    1999 Cascina Francia had less power and less complexity...
    Cost difference ?? Cascina Francia Euro 250......Bussia Riserva Euro 50

    1. Surprise! :-) That is why blind tastings are so great.