Monday 23 October 2017

1922 Boal Reserva, d´Olivieras (?)

My mother in law turned 95 a couple of days ago and when the family celebrated her this weekend I opened this bottle (among others). Bought at auction some years ago with the information - "believed to be

1922 Boal Reserva, d´Olivieras (?)
A very, very deep, intense and complex nose with stunning notes of pan fried nuts, nail polish, dried figs, old leather, cranberries, mature banana peel, old flower water, red tea - the scents are just oozing up from the glass, one more sublime and interesting than the previous one. A poster child for a multi layered nose. Breathtaking,
The taste is thick as motor oil, while at the same time light as a feather and with an intensity that is of the charts. The finish goes on for minutes. Old wrinkled red apples, furniture oil, assorted nuts, dry caramel and dark dusty chocolate are just some of the notes that caresses the palate. The acidity is searing through everything, leaving the taste buds wanting more, and more. Magic in a bottle.
98p   (tasted 2017/10)

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