Friday 23 March 2018

Friday Dinner Barolo - 1985 Barolo Riserva, B. Cossano

1985 Barolo Riserva, B. Cossano
I would like to visit B. Cossano - a) if they still excist (can´t find anything on the web) and b) if they still make wine like this 1985.
An unassuming bottle with a label both in Italian and German, with the back label stating that Barolo is "die König die Weine" - can´t argue with that! To be honest, I didn´t have high hopes but shame on me. Four hours since I opened and decanted it and it just gets better and better...
The nose is, after a couple of hours, velvety, warm and mature with notes of mushrooms, dried cherries, old expensive leather, diesel oil and some cool meaty aromas. Rich and very fine. A lovely dried up sweetness.
The taste is warm and mature with a fine core of ripe, dried cherries and additional notes of sweet licorice, fir smoke, rosehips and sugared coffee. Very long and not at least dry in the finish. There are even some gentle tannins at the end. Bottles like this would surely go on for 5+ years. Impressive and unexpected.
91p   (tasted 2018/03)


  1. I think Cossano B. refers to Cossano Belbo, a village close to Alba

    1. Thanks for the comment. If that´s correct, its strange that no producer is printed on the label?

    2. This is indeed a curious bottle. It says bottled by VI.PI., perhaps a cooperative?

      It looks like it was specifically made for the German market as the label says “D.O.C.G Qualitätswein b.A.” which is a rather strange mixture of denominations.

  2. Strange indeed, but very good! :-)

  3. Hello, i have read your commentares. I have the Ssame wine bottle of the year 1987. Best regards A. Korten