Friday 19 April 2019

The Barolo Boys In Piedmont - Visits To Trediberri & Elio Sandri

Two fantastic visits.
Two extraordinary, passionate and philosophical wine makers - Nicola Oberto and Elio Sandri.
Two very different visits compared to others. The regular estate visit consists of a cellar visit and then a sit down tasting in a tasting room. Not here.

First out in the vineyard where the soil is explained, then the vines, the altitudes, the sun exposure and so forth.

Then into the cellar and the tasting starts. Tasting from cask, from tank, from cement, from bottle. Pouring, explaining, discussing the wines. Back and forth in the cellar, tasting this, tasting that.
I left without a single tasting note on paper...
I loved the wines.
Two fantastic visits.


Elio Sandri

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