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The Ten Most Memorable Wines Of 2019

Another year has passed by. Lots of great wines tasted and drunk, in fact 862 wines has passed my lips during 2019.

252 was a Barolo. If I add all Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Barbaresco bottles, I would venture that the wines from Piedmont make up about 40% of wines tasted during 2019...

I notice a lot of youngsters in this list. I have to drink more mature wine!

Here they are in vintage order.
A toast for a equally great 2020!

1990 Barolo Riserva Collina Rionda, Bruno Giacosa
What to say - a perfectly mature bottle from the master himself, it doesn´t get any better than this. I am glad to have tasted this masterpiece twice. A great evening with three 1990 Red Label Giacosa, although one corked (ouuch!).
99p   (tasted 2019/01)

2001 Les Aspres, Domaine Cros
I think that this is the wine I have bought and drunk the most bottles of, about 30 times. I guess that
this bottle is the last one, or do some friend have bottles left..? :-)
96p   (tasted 2019/08)

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Cuvée, Kapcsándy
The Cabernets from Kapcsándy are one of best you could ask for, the first time I tasted the 09 Estate I had some haunting tasting memories of a young Latour. Drinking it in January of 2019 confirmed my earlier impressions.
97p   (tasted 2019/01)

2011 Barolo Riserva Bricco Rocca Riund, Cascina del Monastero
This wine was tasted during my visit to the estate in August. Meeting Loris for the first time was a real treat and I left smiling. I will be back. Great wines.
96p   (tasted 2019/08)

2011 Corton-Charlemagne, Pierre Yves Colin Morey
This gem was tasted during our monthly tasting group latest tasting dinner. PYCM has a great reputation and this bottle lived up to it.
96p   (tasted 2019/11)

2014 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot, Jean-Claude Ramonet
When Ramonet hits on all cylinders there isn´t many producers that can compete. This was tasted
during summer and is - in 10+ years time - a candidate for perfection.
97p   (tasted 2019/07)

2015 Barolo Bric dël Fiasc, Paolo Scavino
It is always a treat visiting Elisa and this beauty was tasted during The Barolo Boys visit in March, alongside many, many more great bottles. One of my favourite Baroli, I recollect my tasting seven years ago when we tasted 12 vintages of Bric dël Fiasc.
97p   (tasted 2019/03)

2015 Spätburgunder GG Bürgel, Keller
Tasted very recently, this was a fantastic Pinot from Klaus Peter. Racy, refined and with all the juicy elements that makes up a great Pinot. Tasting notes will be published shortly.
96p   (tasted 2019/12)

2016 Dogliano Superiore Maioli, Anna Maria Abbona
The Dolcetto´s from Dogliano are, for the most part, another creature compared to the rest of the Dolcetto´s from Langhe. More structured, more vinous, more backboned. On my visit to Piedmont in August I tasted a bunch Dolcetto´s and this was a standout.
In the illustrious group "Dolcetto Boys & Girls" I am the very proud Member No 3 - Elisa Scavino is No 2...and my friend S is the founder and of course No 1.
93p   (tasted 2019/08)

2017 Barbera d´Alba Pre-phylloxera, Elvio Cogno
I have a soft spot for this wine that Valter produce. The visit to Elvio Cogno in the spring of 2019 was one of the highlights of the latest tour of the Barolo Boys. Is there a better Barbera anywhere?
96p   (tasted 2019/04)

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